The primary purpose of this Whistle-blowing page is to create a venue for all stakeholders of Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC) to anonymously report severe incidences of misconduct which could lead to future damages to PSC as whole.All answers to questions below shall remain confidential and can only be viewed by our whistleblowing committee. All cases submitted will begin with an investigation to validate the authenticity of the incident reported. Please give as much details as possible on the incident to begin a thorough investigation of the case.

What to Report

This page is for reporting incidences that have a SEVERE impact towards PSC as a whole. By severe we mean that the infraction may lead major damages to the entire PSC organization either monetarily or by virtue of harming the reputation of PSC as a whole to the general public.

It is expected that the incidences reported through this page will correspond ONLY to malpractices done either by our High Level Executives, our Employees who dealing directly with third party business partners, or our Business Partners.

Cases that don’t fall under the above mentioned conditions may be reported directly to the Human Resources Division (HRD), by emailing whistleblowing@7-eleven.com.ph. Your anonymity will still be kept for the cases that you send your concerns to HRD.

Example of Cases to Send:

Cases to report should involve the use of position to derive personal gain or benefit. Example of this is when an employee dealing with possible or current supplier asks for money or goods in exchange for a business deal.

EXPLANATION: As the case above has major implications to Philippine Seven Corporation’s financial movement as well as its relationship with our third party business partners cases such as these must be reported immediately for our investigation as it goes against our company’s core values.

Example of Cases not to Send:

Cases such as having extra – marital/illicit affairs as well as store-related concerns such as poor customer service should not be reported.

Instances involving employee’s personal affairs are not within the scope of the company’s responsibilities. For issues on customer service, please email customercare@7-eleven.com.ph.


Since this page is a tool to help keep the anonymity of those reporting incidents, ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (i.e. Name, Contact Details, and Relationship to the Company) may be omitted from this form.

You must however answer all the required fields pertaining to the incident in order to submit the form.

Please be as detailed as possible especially when giving the Summary of the incident. All details you provide will help us initiate an investigation for the reported case.

Also if you would like to make direct contact with us, please feel free to email whistleblowing@7-eleven.com.ph.

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