About Investor Relations

PSC’s Investor Relations Program provides the linkage between the company and market participants and ensures clear communication of developments in all aspects of the business with the objective of assuring fair valuation in the marketplace.

The program is guided by our external and internal communication policies developed and approved by the executive committee. These policies are reviewed regularly or when the need for such arises.

The management is tasked to implement the said policies through its corporate communications and investor relations group. We have an Investor Relations Officer (IRO) who constantly communicate with investors through e-mail and conferences. Our Investor Relations Materials can be viewed using this link: PSC Investor Presentations.

An external public relations firm is tapped from time to time to communicate other aspects of the business.

Below are the contact details of our IRO:

Lawrence M. De Leon
Email: investor-relations@7-eleven.com.ph
Tel. #: 8-705-5242
Fax Number: (02) 8-705-5209