Run 2024


1. Purchase Run 2024 Category Sponsor Brands in a single receipt worth at least  P100.00 in any 7-Eleven Store to get 1 E-stamp. Category Sponsor brands are as follows:
1KM: Sip, Mogu Mogu, Oreo
3KM: Cornetto
5KM: Pocari
5KM Buddy: Fit n Right
10KM: Nature Spring
10KM Buddy: Le Minerale, Kopiko Lucky Day, Cali
16KM: Gatorade, Pepsi, Mountain Dew
21K: Summit
32K: Refresh, Nova, and C2; 42K: Coke, Wilkins, and Nutriboost

2. For every purchase of booster items, the customer automatically earns an additional e-stamp (Wherein, if the customer purchased the participating items worth P100.00 together with booster items the customer will get 2 e-stamps).

3. E-Stamp requirement:

a. Fifteen (15) Run 2024 E-stamps to redeem one (1) RUN 2024 Registration Code for the category of your choice. Customers can redeem more Race Kits depending on the quantity of earned E-stamps.

b. Thirty (30) Run 2024 E-Stamps to redeem one (1) RUN 2024 Registration Code for 5K Buddy and 10K Buddy Run Category

4. Customer once completed the required e-stamp, he or she can redeem his or her free registration at the Rewards Catalog of the Cliqq App where he or she can choose from the Run rewards available.

5. Customers will receive the one-time-use 7-Connect Reference Number through SMS. The SMS will show the message “Redeem your RUN 2024 registration code at your CLIQQ APP on or before December 31, 2023. 7-CONNECT: 1234-5678-9012”. The 7-Connect Reference number will be used to register the race category they redeemed on the website.

6. Customer will then visit the Run website to register their redeemed race category using the 7-Connect reference number.

7. Race voucher instruction:

a. Click “I have a promo code” tab, enter 7-Connect Reference

b. Choose what store they want to pick up the free race kit.

c. Race kit claiming will be in the store nominated by the participant upon registration.