July 9 to 11, 2023 (3-Day Sale)

ItemPromo SchemeRetail PriceSale Price
Jele Beautie Strawberry Collagen 150g+50% OFF₱35₱17
Jele Beautie Lychee L Carnitine 150g50% OFF₱35₱17
Jele Beautie Mixed Fruit Juice L Glutathione 150g50% OFF₱35₱17
JnJ Johnson's Baby Powder Milk Plus Rice 100g50% OFF₱77₱38
JnJ Johnson Baby Milk Plus Rice Bath Refill 200ml50% OFF₱116₱58
JnJ Johnson Baby Powder Complete Care 200g50% OFF₱141₱70
Modess Body Adapt Longs Maxi 8s PH50% OFF₱75₱37
JnJ Modess Cottony Soft Ultra Thin Nights With Wing 10s50% OFF₱168₱84
Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 100ml50% OFF₱117₱58
Neutrogena Deep Clean Acne Foaming Cleanser 40g50% OFF₱169₱84
Bactidol Lozenge Orange 8s50% OFF₱90₱45
Snail White Whipp Soap 100g50% OFF₱295₱147
Snailwhite Pink Vit C Micellar Soap 60g50% OFF₱157₱78
Snail White Brightening Day Cream SPF 30plus7ml50% OFF₱95₱47
Snailwhite Anti Aging Serum 4ml50% OFF₱133₱66
Oxecure Prebio Serum 5ml50% OFF₱139₱69
Oxecure Acne Clear Oil Control Moisturizer 10ml50% OFF₱119₱59
Sparkle Extra Soft White Toothbrush 1s50% OFF₱149₱74
pH Care Feminine Wash Cooling Comfort 50ml50% OFF₱66₱33
pH Care Feminine Wipes Cooling Comfort 10s50% OFF₱55₱27
Gynepro Feminine Wash 60ml50% OFF₱102₱51
Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating50% OFF₱65₱32
Belo Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar 65g50% OFF₱69₱34
BELO Intensive Whitening Lotion 100ml50% OFF₱169₱84
Belo Whitening Lotion wSPF30 100ml50% OFF₱160₱80
Belo SunExpert Whitening Sunscreen SPF50 10g50% OFF₱100₱50
Belo Underarm Whitening Cream 10g50% OFF₱129₱64
7-Select Purified Drinking Water 525ml50% OFF₱20₱10
7- Select PH9 Drinking Water 525ml50% OFF₱24₱12
Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick and Nutty Peanut Butter 170g50% OFF₱98₱49
Barrio Fiesta Extra Thick and Creamy Peanut Butter 170g50% OFF₱105₱52
Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter Creamy and Sweet 227g50% OFF₱119₱59
Barrio Fiesta Peanut Butter Creamy and Nutty 227g50% OFF₱120₱60
MineShine Green Tea Honey Lemon Pet 350ml50% OFF₱30₱15
Gingerbon Honey Lemon 20g50% OFF₱16₱8
Gingerbon Peppermint 20g50% OFF₱16₱8
Fitbar Chocolate 25g50% OFF₱35₱17
Fitbar Tiramisu 22g50% OFF₱35₱17
Fit Bar Fruit 25g50% OFF₱35₱17
Kiks Tamarid Salted 35g50% OFF₱18₱9
Kiks Tamarid Sweetened 35g50% OFF₱18₱9
Kiks Tamarid Sweet Chili 35g50% OFF₱18₱9
Kiks Tamarid Spicy Mango 35g50% OFF₱18₱9
Kiks Tamarid Mango Avalanche 35g50% OFF₱18₱9
Lysol Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Skin Care 225ml50% OFF₱120₱60
Johnnie Walker Red Label 700ml30% OFF₱724₱507
Johnnie Walker Red Label 700ml w/ Ice Mold Promo Pack30% OFF₱724₱507
Ladys Choice Ham Spread 27mlBUY 2 Ladies Choice Mayonnaise 220ml, GET FREE Ladys Choice Ham Spread 27ml₱280₱264
Ladies Choice Mayonnaise 220ml
Singleton of Dufftown 12Y Pocket Scotch 200mlBUY 1, SAVE P50₱645₱595
Nutriboost Milk Strawberry 330ml30% OFF₱33₱23
Johnnie Walker Black Label 700ml w/ FREE ICE MOLDER (LUZON)PROMO PACK ONLY₱1,550-