July 11, 2023 (1-Day Sale)

ItemPromo SchemeRetail PriceSale Price
Cornetto Love Rose 135ml50% OFF₱50₱25
Primera Light Brandy 750ml50% OFF₱155₱77
Ginto Barrel Aged Gin 600ml50% OFF₱150₱75
Van Houten Dark Milk Hazelnut Bar 45g50% OFF₱60₱30
Van Houten Dark Assorted Bites 40g50% OFF₱65₱32
Van Houten Dark Milk Raisin Bites 40g50% OFF₱65₱32
Oreo Wafer Roll Vanilla 54g50% OFF₱53₱26
Oreo Wafer Roll Chocolate 54g50% OFF₱53₱26
Oreo Vanilla 64.4g50% OFF₱31₱15
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 30g50% OFF₱41₱20
Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar 40g50% OFF₱61₱30
Hersheys Cookies N Cream Bar 40g50% OFF₱61₱30
Hersheys Creamy Milk Chocolate 40g50% OFF₱61₱30
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 42g50% OFF₱55₱27
Bic Lighter J3 Sleeves50% OFF₱42₱21
Bic Lighter XP2 Electronic50% OFF₱51₱25
BIC Lighter J3 Slim Opaque50% OFF₱33₱16
Bic Lighter J5 Mini Sleeve50% OFF₱37₱18
Soft Bites X Fuwa Fuwa Ensaymada Bun 72g50% OFF₱40₱20
Dr. Coco Liquid Hand Wash Soap Green Tea 250ml50% OFF₱99₱49
Dr. Coco Liquid Hand Wash Soap Natural Lavender250ml50% OFF₱99₱49
Scents and Senses Air Freshener Assorted Scent50% OFF₱170₱85
Colgate Fresh Confidence Spicy Fresh 50ml50% OFF₱82₱41
Colgate Zigzag Charcoal Toothbrush50% OFF₱86₱43
Colgate Plax Peppermint 60ml50% OFF₱41₱20
Palmolive Natural Shampoo
Intensive Moisture Pink 90ml
50% OFF₱70₱35
Palmolive Natural Silky Straight Shampoo 90ml50% OFF₱70₱35
Locally Juice Dalandan Can 240ml50% OFF₱33₱16
Locally Juice Guyabano Can 240ml50% OFF₱33₱16
Locally Juice Calamansi Can 240ml50% OFF₱33₱16
60g Wings Powder Detergent Floral Fresh Pouch50% OFF₱8₱4
Mi Sedaap Soup Noodles Singapore Spicy Laksa 83g50% OFF₱22₱11
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Original Pouch 90g50% OFF₱19₱9
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Korean Spicy Chicken Pouch 87g50% OFF₱22₱11
Mi Sedaap Fried Noodles Mi Goreng Ayam Krispi 88g50% OFF₱19₱9
Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodles 120g50% OFF₱73₱36
J n J Roller Coaster Cheddar Cheese 24g50% OFF₱13₱6
Nissin Yakisoba Savory Beef Pouch 59 g50% OFF₱14₱7
Sappe Beauti Drink Slim Pet 360ml50% OFF₱65₱32
Sappe Beauti Drink Beautitox PET 360ml50% OFF₱65₱32
Leslies Cheezy Jalapeno 70g50% OFF₱35₱17
Cheezy Ghost Pepper 130g50% OFF₱47₱23
Leslies Clover Chips BBQ 85g50% OFF₱42₱21
Baked Cheezy White Cheedar 40g50% OFF₱16₱8
Nongshim Oolongmen Chicken Cup 75g50% OFF₱70₱35
Samyang Fried Spicy Chicken Noodle Cup 105g50% OFF₱95₱47
MD Classic Donut Choco Bavarian50% OFF₱30₱15
MD Bavarian Strawberry Filled Donut50% OFF₱30₱15
Head and Shoulder Cool Menthol 170ml50% OFF₱213₱106
Safeguard White Bar 175g50% OFF₱78₱39
Glico Pocky Chocolate Flavor 47g50% OFF₱55₱27
Lipovitan Punch 150ml50% OFF₱41₱20
Lipovitan 100ml50% OFF₱34₱17
Lipovitan 150ml50% OFF₱40₱20
Harry Milk chocolate Bar with Rice Crispies 40g50% OFF₱28₱14
Harry Dark Chocolate Bar 40g50% OFF₱28₱14
Harry Milk Chocolate Bar 40g50% OFF₱28₱14
Mi Amore Rice Crispies40g50% OFF₱28₱14
Mi Amore Milk Chocolate Bar 40g50% OFF₱28₱14
Venus Choco Strawberry Flavor 40g50% OFF₱39₱19
Venus Choco Toffee Flavor 40g50% OFF₱39₱19
Venus Choco Mint Flavor 40g50% OFF₱39₱19
4D Amos Gummy Blocks 45g50% OFF₱36₱18
4D Amos Gummy Fruits 48g50% OFF₱36₱18
Alfie Milk Chocolate 31g50% OFF₱26₱13
Choco Mucho Peanut Butter 30g50% OFF₱14₱7
Choco Mucho Dark 30g50% OFF₱14₱7
Fudgee Bar Dark 38g50% OFF₱12₱6
Tostas Tortillos BBQ and Cheese 49g50% OFF₱21₱10
Nips Creamy Tiramisu 40g50% OFF₱22₱11
Culture Blend Coffee 2 in1 English Roast In Bag 20g50% OFF₱13₱6
Culture Blend Coffee 3 in1 English Roast In Bag 20g50% OFF₱13₱6
Tanoshi Butter Cheese 50g50% OFF₱22₱11
Tanoshi Creamy Onion 50g50% OFF₱22₱11
Tanoshi Spicy Barbecue 50g50% OFF₱22₱11
Wookie Chocolate Chips Cookies 108g50% OFF₱48₱24
Wookie Delicious Nut Cookies 108g50% OFF₱48₱24
Wookie Glazed Fruit Cookies 108g50% OFF₱48₱24
Wookie Butter Cream Cookies 108g50% OFF₱48₱24
Ok Wackie Corn Chips Salted Egg Flavor 98g50% OFF₱65₱32
Ok Wackie Corn Chips Spicy Turkey Flavor 98g50% OFF₱51₱25
OK Lumpia Shanghai Cereal Roll Cheese 65g50% OFF₱21₱10
OK Lumpia Shanghai Cereal Roll Sweetcorn 65g50% OFF₱21₱10
Wackie Corn Chips BBQ 100g50% OFF₱36₱18
Wackie Corn Chips Cheese 100g50% OFF₱36₱18
Wackie Corn Chips Hot Chili 100g50% OFF₱36₱18
OK Crispynets Chicken Inasal 70g50% OFF₱19₱9
OK Snapea Original 108g50% OFF₱58₱29
OLEZZ Malkist Cracker Choco 100g50% OFF₱52₱26
OLEZZ Malkist Cracker Cheese 100g50% OFF₱52₱26
OLEZZ Malkist Cracker Strawberry 100g50% OFF₱52₱26
Goya Bits Tubes 40g50% OFF₱46₱23
Trolli Gummies Hotdog 9g50% OFF₱8₱4
Trolli Gummies Sea Critters 9g50% OFF₱8₱4
Trolli Gummies Party Burger 9g50% OFF₱8₱4
California Scents Palms Car Scent Coronado Cherry50% OFF₱47₱23
California Scents Palms Car Scent New Car Newport50% OFF₱47₱23
GoutX Supplement 10s50% OFF₱165₱82
Passion Max Herbal Supplement for Men50% OFF₱250₱125
Dental B Voyager50% OFF₱83₱41
Dental B Adult Soft Champion Toothbrush50% OFF₱51₱25
Dental B Basic Toothbrush Medium50% OFF₱61₱30
Sanlo Instant Salabat with Oregano 7.5gx1050% OFF₱149₱74
Sanlo Premium Instant Salabat with Malunggay 7.5g x 1050% OFF₱149₱74
Flamingo Playing Cards50% OFF₱79₱39
Hallmark Gift Bag Medium50% OFF₱54₱27
Hallmark Gift Bag Small50% OFF₱44₱22
Hallmark Gift Bag with Tag 2s50% OFF₱108₱54
Nivea Extra Brightening Roll On 50ml50% OFF₱149₱74
Nivea Extra Brightening Deo Roll 25ml50% OFF₱103₱51
Nivea Body Extra White Firming Lotion 125ml50% OFF₱226₱113
Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk 125ml50% OFF₱148₱74
Nivea For Men Cool Kick Roll On 50ml50% OFF₱163₱81
Nivea Silver Protect Roll On 50ml50% OFF₱170₱85
Efficascent Ointment 10g50% OFF₱31₱15
Bioderm Soap Coolness 90g50% OFF₱40₱20
Barman Amaretto Sour 250ml50% OFF₱129₱64
Barman Black Russian 250ml50% OFF₱129₱64
JerHigh Dog Treats Strawberry Stick 70g50% OFF₱176₱88
Madre De Cacao Premium Herbal Soap 135g50% OFF₱147₱73
Colgate Optic White 40g50% OFF₱94₱47
Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal50% OFF₱160₱80
Jinro Grapefruit Soju 360ml30% OFF₱135₱94
Jinro Green Grape Soju 360ml30% OFF₱135₱94
750ml Novellino Rosso Vivace Red WineSAVE P72₱450₱378