Discounted Items from November 1, 12:00am to November 14, 2023 11:59pm

Gatsby Oil Clear Fresh Peach 40 Sheet159SAVE P11
Gatsby Oil Clear Film 70 Sheets159SAVE P11
Selecta Pint Coffee Crumble 450ml120SAVE P11
Duracell Mainline Coppertop AAA 4s255SAVE P20
Duracell Mainline Coppertop AA 4s235SAVE P20
Selecta Ih Birthday ESP Cookies and Cream 1.3L250SAVE P39
Selecta Cornetto Disc Milky Choco Almond 115ml35BUY 2, SAVE 11
Magnum Belgian Chocolate Luxe 80ml85BUY 2, SAVE 11
Cheezy Ghost Pepper 130g4720% OFF
Leslies Nacho Corn Chips Spicy Cheese 100g3420% OFF
Madre De Cacao Premium Herbal Soap 135g14720% OFF
JerHigh Dog Treats Beef Stick 70g17620% OFF
JerHigh Dog Treats Strawberry Stick 70g17620% OFF