Get a Taste of Japan With Every Bite of These Sandwiches

May 31, 2023

October 20, 2021

7-Fresh x Fuwa Fuwa Sandwiches are now available at 7-Eleven

Booking a plane ticket to Japan may not be ideal right now, but travel restrictions don’t mean forgoing your favorite Japanese food. 7-Eleven Philippines brings a taste of Japan even closer to wherever you are with the launch of 7-Fresh x Fuwa Fuwa Sandwich Boxes.

You only need to take a short trip to any 7-Eleven store in Luzon near you to sample authentic Japanese sandwiches. The Tamago Sando (Php65) — meaning ‘egg sandwich’ in English — is a classic Japanese egg sandwich. Authentic Tamago sandwiches use only Japanese milk-egg bread slices, which contributes to that creamy and smooth mouthfeel. The 7-Fresh x Fuwa Fuwa Tamago Sando features a rich and creamy egg salad tucked between Fuwa Fuwa’s Everyday Japan Tasty loaf bread, which is packed and delivered fresh daily. The Tamago Sando is high in protein and contains 0% trans fat, perfect for those who are watching what they eat.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Katsu Sando (Php 75) features a fried Japanese-style chicken cutlet tucked between shredded cabbage and Fuwa Fuwa’s Everyday Japan Tasty loaf bread. Both sandwiches can be enjoyed any time and go perfectly with a cup of 7-Eleven’s City Café coffee.

“The pandemic has taken away our ability to travel anywhere we want to go, but with the 7-Fresh x Fuwa Fuwa Sandwich Boxes, we hope to bring back memories of traveling to our customers,” said Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO, Philippine Seven Corporation.

“The Tamago Sando has gone from a grab-and-go Japanese egg sandwich sold at ‘conbini’ or convenience stores in Japan to international stardom. So, we know that our customers would love to have easy access to these Japanese sandwiches,” he added.

To create the authentic taste of Japanese sandwiches, 7-Eleven partnered with Nippon Premium Bakery, Inc., the makers of Fuwa Fuwa. One of its most loved products is the Everyday Japan Tasty, a simple white loaf bread with a soft and moist texture, comforting aroma, and smooth mouthfeel. These loaves of bread are perfect for creating authentic Japanese sandwiches.

7-Fresh x Fuwa Fuwa Sandwich Boxes are available in select 7-Eleven stores in Luzon. 

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