From that Leap of Faith on a Leap Year: Celebrating 40 years of 7-Eleven in the Philippines

April 5, 2024

Speech of PSC Chairman Jose T. Pardo during PSC’s Annual Suppliers Night on March 20, 2024:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 2024 7-Eleven Supplier’s Night!
Seeing all of you now, I realize that life here at Philippine Seven does begin at 40!

With a system-wide gross sales of Php 82 billion, we wrapped up 2023 with a total of 3,768
stores. And we continue to train our sights towards greater heights, targeting to open 450 new
stores this year.

With much pride and confidence, we are set to breach 4,000 stores this year! Even in our
wildest dreams, we would never have imagined that number when we opened our very first,
neighbor- friendly store at the corner of EDSA and Kamias Road in Quezon City on February
29, 1984.

Today, we can all take inspiration from that fortunate leap of faith, done especially by our early
partners, on a leap year 40 years ago. Fast forward to this current leap year, we sincerely
celebrate with you tonight, our dear suppliers, this journey that now allows us to stand on
decades of solid partnership, dedication, and growth.

Indeed, our 7-Eleven story reminds me of the African philosophy of ‘ubuntu,’ meaning ‘I am
because we are’. It is a philosophy where the concept of self is shaped by relationships with
other people.

Amidst today’s sense of individualism, this allows us to think back at who and how we were
then, to who we are now and how we got here, as one, strong 7-Eleven.

Despite the many hardships, 7-Eleven remains strong because of each one of you!

You stand among the change-makers who believed in our vision, embraced our mission, and
worked tirelessly alongside us to triumph over trials in achieving milestones. The trust, loyalty,
and collaborative spirit especially of our pioneers have been the cornerstone of our success

To our longstanding partners who have been with us since the inception of this company, I
extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation. Your dedication and resilience have
been instrumental in shaping the landscape of our industry, and for that, we are profoundly

Tonight, as we recognize the achievements of the past, we also look to the future with much
enthusiasm and optimism. We are excited to welcome new partners into our extended family.
We are eager to embrace your fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to further enhance our
shared values.

Together, we take yet another leap of faith to start our journey of growth, innovation, and mutual
prosperity…afresh! Let us embrace the opportunities, knowing that together, there is no challenge too great nor a goal too big for us to hold.

Thank you, and let the celebrations begin!