May 31, 2023

January 3, 2018

Your favorite kapitbahay, 7-Eleven, has a job vacancy that needs to be filled immediately! It might sound surreal, but this is definitely not a drill, 7-Eleven offers you your dream job where you get paid by simply eating free food!

7-Eleven is searching for someone to host a “Mukbang” video series for them. The show will feature 7-Eleven products such as Slurpee, Big Bite, and other treats from partner brands like Selecta Ice Cream. If you’ve been living under a rock, Mukbang is an online trend where a host films himself/herself while consuming large quantities of food.


Just like any other conventional job, hopeful applicants need to possess certain requirements to be considered for the position. For starters, the application is exclusively for all 7-Eleven customers that have the CLiQQ app installed on their mobile devices. Second, and more importantly, applicants need to have a big appetite and a unique way of eating that can attract and entice audiences or in Filipino, nakakatakam kumain. And to make the application process more interesting, 7-Eleven sets no age limit so anyone can apply!

Eating free food in front of a camera is not a real job unless you get paid for it, so 7-Eleven also prepared a competitive compensation package for the chosen Master Eater.  For a duration of 7 weeks and 11 days, the luckiest applicant will earn 711 pesos per day! Not bad just for eating food, right?  And to make it more exciting, the Master Eater would get a bonus of 711,000 pesos if he/she gets 2,000,000 Filipinos to download the CLIQQ app during his/her tenure as the Master Eater.

7-Eleven is showing people how much points they waste when they don’t use their CLiQQ app, which is why they’re presenting CLiQQ Tapoints. CLiQQ Tapoints is all about making 7-Eleven customers aware of what items they can redeem with the CLiQQ points they earn with every purchase.


Aside from turning your dream job into reality, CLiQQ Tapoints also aims to spread awareness regarding the huge number of food wasted by consumers because of their inability to redeem their rewards through the CLiQQ app. The amount of food that 7-Eleven will serve to the CLiQQ Tapoints Master Eater is dependent on the number of unredeemed points in a specific store that the team will visit during the duration of the campaign. This will serve as a visual representation of how much food 7-Eleven customers are missing out on. For example, one store in Gagalangin, Tondo has an average of 1,228 unclaimed CLiQQ reward points per day, that is equal to 32 pieces of Big Bite wasted daily. Hopefully, this will encourage the public to redeem their rewards or else, the CLiQQ Tapoints Master Eater will do his job.

So, if you are willing to take on the challenge and be part of this one of a kind campaign, auditions for the CLiQQ Tapoints Master Food Eater are scheduled on January 6, 2018, Saturday 9am to 12nn at WYD Productions, 402 Greenbelt Mansion, 106 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Applicants are expected to bring at least one valid ID, CLiQQ app on their phones, and one big appetite! For more details, please visit the official Facebook page of 7-Eleven at www.facebook.com/711philippines.

Grace Antonio
Media Relations Supervisor, Grupo Agatep
Renzie Babasa
Account Manager, Grupo Agatep