What type of equipment does 7-Eleven provide?

7‑Eleven purchases and installs the following major equipment in stores:
  1. Sales and Table Counters
  2. Gondolas
  3. Walk-In
  4. Fastfood Tables
  5. Easting Tables and Chairs
  6. Air Conditioning Unit
  7. Open Showcase
  8. Siopao Steamer
  9. Hotdog Steamer
  10. Rice Cooker
  11. Microwave Oven
  12. Glass Top Freezer for Ice
  13. Slurpee Machine – Postmix Machine
  14. Softserve Machine
  15. Ice Maker
  16. Amplifier and Speakers
  17. POS Machine Scanners and Handy Terminal
  18. Tidel Safe and Change Fund
  19. BAT Rack
  20. Juice Bubbler Machine
  21. Coffee Machine
  22. Mini Refrigerator
  23. The equipment you receive for your store may vary; depending factors of the trade area, governmental or building restrictions, and may not include all equipment listed above.