7-Eleven to get into “Gulp Survey” anew to know people’s stand on vital issues 

May 31, 2023

June 1, 2011

With the success of its 7-Elections, a Gulp poll preceding the May 2010 presidential elections, convenience store giant, 7-Eleven, is once again using this survey method in all its 600 stores in Luzon to get the people’s participation on burning issues.

Through the 7-Eleven brand of drinks ~ Gulp, the people’s voice on controversial issues can be heard through a YES or NO cup that they would select for their drinks. This way, the apparent apathy or disinterest of people on vital issues can be roused.

During the May 2010 elections, 7-Eleven launched 7-Elections – Every Gulp Counts. And with the color-coded Gulp cups to represent presidential candidates preferred by its consumers, Gulp cups sold were tabulated daily until the grand total immediately prior to the May 10, 2010 national elections.

The results of 7-Elections showed 38 percent in favor of President Noynoy Aquino, which in actual election count was 37 percent of total population nationwide. This came very close to the results of national election making 7-Eleven’s results more accurate than those of professional polling groups.

For 7-Eleven it was a “fun yet sure way” of getting votes counted.

This time, 7-Eleven wants the voices of the people to be heard again by engaging them in relevant issues of society today thru Speak Up.

“Speak Up” results of the Gulp polls will be displayed in all stores every Friday for everyone’s reference.

Through the POS machines or cash registers of 7-Eleven, “votes” can immediately be counted.