7-Eleven Philippines Partners with Shoplinks to Provide Precision FMCG Coupons to Loyalty Card Members

May 31, 2023

March 8, 2023

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – March 7th, 2023 – 7-Eleven Philippines today announced a partnership with SaaS platform Shoplinks to provide FMCG brands access to 7-Eleven’s 17 million CLiQQ loyalty members in the country.

Founded by FMCG and tech industry veterans, the Shoplinks platform employs machine learning based on shoppers’ purchase histories to drive better relevance and conversion from digital coupon advertising. Brands can now deliver personalized, targeted promotions to the retailer’s shoppers. These coupons can be received across multiple mobile channels like Viber®, Facebook Messenger®, SMS, and the CLiQQ app and can be redeemed at the point of sale.  

Shoplinks has significantly improved marketing efficiency for participating brands, increasing it by more than seven times. The collaboration between Shoplinks and 7-Eleven Philippines will revolutionize how FMCG brands connect with their customers by providing more relevant advertising, including promotions for newly launched products. The launch is set to include major FMCG brands such as Procter&Gamble and Philip Morris. This exciting partnership will enable brands to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently, ultimately driving growth and success for both the brands and the retailers.

Shoplinks CEO and Co-Founder, Teresa Condicion, spent 17 years in Procter & Gamble as head of customer analytics for Southeast Asia before her first entrepreneurial stint as Co-Founder and CEO of Snapcart. “This is an exciting partnership that enables brands to finally leverage data and machine learning to solve the age-old problem of low ROI and lack of attribution in digital advertising, something that I grappled with in my time at P&G”, she remarked.

Retail media is a rapidly growing sector, currently valued at over USD160 billion globally with a yearly growth rate of 25%, outpacing that of digital advertising. In 2023, in the US, retail media spend is expected to exceed TV advertising. In Southeast Asia, offline shoppers represent 90% of FMCG sales. Shoplinks is poised to dominate this market with its end-to-end platform, allowing retailers like 7-Eleven Philippines to harness the power of loyalty data to engage their offline shoppers.

Victor Paterno, the President of 7-Eleven Philippines said “Research has demonstrated that smaller format stores have long been seen globally as places where consumers discover new products, even if they eventually purchase them from other channels. This has certainly been the case for 7-Eleven Philippines, where we are often the launchpad for many of the new FMCG products, especially in the categories we are best known for. Shoplinks takes this a step further, targeting consumers who are most likely to become profitable customers of a new – or new to them – product based on past purchase history from their loyalty app. We see this as a win-win on all sides – 7-Eleven builds on its reputation as a discovery platform, customers get guided discovery at a discount, and brands acquire new customers at a fraction of typical mass launch costs, in a way that is directly measurable”.

Shoplinks is backed by renowned investors like Cocoon Capital, XA Network, Accelerating Asia and Indonesian Women Empowerment Fund and was identified as one of the Top 5 FMCG Startups to Watch in 2022 by StartUs Insights.

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About Shoplinks Pte. Ltd.
Shoplinks offers FMCG brands and retailers an intelligent, digital, end-to-end SaaS marketing platform that simplifies the distribution of personalized coupons. This helps brands optimize their promotions and shoppers to claim great deals; both online and offline. With Shoplinks, brands can grow their return on their promotions investment by as much as seven times. The company was identified as one of the Top 5 FMCG Startups to Watch in 2022. Read more at shoplinks.co.

About Philippine Seven Corporation (7-Eleven Philippines)
PSC opened its first store in February 1984 in Quezon City. It listed its shares (SEVN) on the Philippine Stock Exchange in February 1998 and established Convenience Distribution Inc. in September 1998, a wholly owned subsidiary that provides logistics planning and services to its 7-Eleven stores. As of the start of 2022 the company had a total of 3,146 direct hires and provides its employees with supplemental benefits or incentives, including retirement benefit plans, health cards and employee programs. The company also provides training and development programs to enhance employee skills and competencies, including in-house training on leadership skills, products, negotiation, change management, and basic operating and quality assurance procedures.