7-Election Gulp® Polls launches anew in 7-Eleven store chains

May 31, 2023

March 19, 2013

Following the success achieved by the informal and unique 7-Election voting campaign through Gulp® cups in the 2010 presidential elections, convenience store giant 7-Eleven, locally licensed by Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), is launching its 7-Election promo anew this March 20, 2013 for the upcoming senatorial race. 7-Election is a way for PSC to contribute to nation building efforts as it aims to promote voter awareness and participation through a fun and unique way of voting.

In the 2010 presidential race, the unscientific and unofficial 7-Election poll came very close to the actual election result, with President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III garnering 38 percent in the 7-Election Gulp® polls and 39 percent in the official election conducted nationwide by the Commission on Elections. The campaign earned for 7-Eleven awards both in the digital and advertising industries.

Customers may vote by purchasing any 16oz Gulp® beverage (from the selection Coke, Pepsi or Del Monte Gulp® drinks) featuring the three designs of the different senatorial coalitions. Available cup designs are the yellow cup representing Team PNoy, the orange cup representing United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and the white cup for independent candidates as well as smaller parties such as Ang KapatiranBangon Muna, Democratic, Makabayan and Social Justice. Each purchase of a Gulp® drink in any of the cup designs counts as a vote for the respective parties. For the white cup featuring multiple parties, the barcode for the party of the customer’s choice will be scanned to accurately reflect the vote.

An extension of the 7-Election polls is the online voting, where customers may vote for individual candidates by visiting www.7-election.com.ph. No purchase is required to vote online, however users may only vote once, as in actual elections. Viewers can find the results of both the votes cast using both the Gulp® cups and the online polls. The campaign will make use of the #7Election hashtag online to tag all content relevant to the Gulp® polls as this is promoted through social media to push for voter awareness.

The beauty of the informal 7-Election polls is that it is transparent since all 7-Eleven stores will be able to track the sale the 7-Election Gulp® cups. Voting updates for the Gulp® cups and online polls shall be posted in leaderboards across all stores weekly.