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Quarantine Savers Promo: Health, Beauty And Food

Haul your favorite snacks and skincare products! 

Get up to 50% discount when you buy 2 of the participating items.

List of Participating items:

Get 50% off on your 2nd item

Product Retail*
iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturuzer Tube 50ml 195
iWhite Korea Facial Wash Tube 90ml 179
iWhite Korea Facial Cream Tube 65ml 195
Colgate TotalBM Bamboo Charcoal Brush Single 165
Protex Hand Sanitizer 50ml 78
Palmolive Antibacterial White Tea Liquid Hand Soap 250ml 120
Palmolive Antibacterial Sea Minerals Liquid Hand Soap 250ml 120
Lifebuoy Handsanitizer 50ml 70
Lifebuoy Bar Total 10 75g 22
Axe Dark Temptation Pocket 17ml 85
Axe Black Pocket 17ml 85
Creamsilk Standout Straight 90ml 77
Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo 90ml 70
12ml Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum Facial Cleanser 34
Bactidol Gargle 60ml 123
Dove Intensive Nourishing Cream 75ml 149
Dove Beauty Cream 75ml 149
Vaseline Lip Rosy with Petroleoum Jelly 124
Vaseline Lip Original with Petroleoum Jelly 124

Buy 1, Get 50% off

Product Retail*
Swish Breath Spray Peppermint Fresh 10mL 125
pHCare Naturals Feminine Wipes Guava 10s 57
Myra Fresh Glow Normal Oily Facial Wash 50ml 89

Get 20% of on your 2nd item

Item Description Retail*
NFC Fair and Glow Hokkaido Rose MicellAIR 125ml 129
NID Whitening Hokkaido Rose Essence Roll On 50ml 125
Nivea Men Deep Espresso Roll On 50ml 140

Buy 2, save P20

Item Description Retail*
Nescafe Creamy White 10s 29g 62
Nescafe Blend and Brew Original 10s 28g 60
Pringles Snack Cheesy Cheese 110g 91
Pringles Snack Original 110g 91
Pringles Snack Sour Cream & Onion 110g 91
Pringles Pizza 107g 91
Pringles Snack Smoky BBQ 147g 109
Pringles Snack Cheesy Cheese 147g 109
Pringles Snack Sour Cream and Onion 147g 109
Pringles Snack Original 147g 109
Pringles Snack Cheese 42gx12 39
Pringles Snack Original 42gx12 39
Pringles Snack Sour Cream & Onion 42gx12 39
Ice Breakers Fruit Sours 42g 85
Ice Breakers Spearmint 42g 85
Ice Breakers Assorted Berries 42g 85
Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn 155.5g 109
Pringles US Cheddar Cheese 40g 53
Pringles US Sour Cream & Onion 40g 53
Pringles US Original 37g 53
Pringles US Original 149g 121

Buy 2, save P10

Item Description Retail*
Kopiko Blanca Coffee 10s 30g 73
Kopiko Brown Coffee 10s 27.5g 73
Loacker Napolitaner 30g 32
Loacker Cremkakao 30g 32
Glico Pretz Sweet Corn 31g 45
Glico Pretz BBQ 31g 45
Glico Pretz Sour Cream and Onion 31g 45
Arcor Tortitas Black 125g 37
Cadbury Dairy Milk 100g 110
Lays Taiwan Kyushu Seaweed 50g 62
Lays Classic Original 50g 62
Lays Sour and Onion 50g 62
Dole Fruit Bowls Pineapple 113g 38
Dole Fruit Bowls Tropical Fruit Mix 113g 38
Leslies Clover Chips Cheesier 165g 57
Leslie Cheezy Outrageously Cheesy Corn Snack 150g 50
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Chocolate 30g 35
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Chicken Mushroom 30g 35

Buy 2, save P5

Item Description Retail*
Bear Brand Adult Plus Milk 300g 135
Bear Brand Adult Plus 33g 20
Bear Brand Swak Pack Powdered Milk Drink 33g 18
Oreo Red Velvet Slugs 137g 55
Oreo Salted Caramel 28.5g 12
Highlands Gold Corned Beef 320g 195
San Marino Corned Tuna Easy Open 180g 51
CBTL Ready Coffee 23g 27
The Coffee Bean Hazel Nut 3in 1 coffee 23g 29
Energen Pandesal Mate Choco Drink 30g 11
Energen Champion Powder Choco Malt Drink 35g 11

Buy 4, get discounts

Item Description Retail* Scheme
Bon O Bon Choco Cream Filling 15g 10 Buy 4, save P5
SelectaFrootie Melon Stick 65ml 45 Buy 4 for only P150
Selecta Frootie Strawberry Stick 65ml 45 Buy 4 for only P150

Buy 5, get 1 FREE

Item Description Retail*
Timtam Jumbo 22g 11
Arnotts Good Time Double Choco Chips 16g 8

*Price varies

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-103183 Series of 2020