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Happee Hour

Promo Mechanics

1. This promotion is open to all loyal Every Day! Reward Cardholders and CLiQQ App users of 7-Eleven Philippines (Philippine Seven Corporation).

2. Buy minimum P100.00 worth of participating items and earn e-raffle entry using your CLiQQ App. Earn additional P20.00 CLiQQ Wallet credits/Rebate when you buy the participating items using your CLiQQ wallet with minimum purchase of P100 during the Happee Hour from 7:00 am – 8:00 am on top of your e-raffle entry. CLiQQ wallet credits will be credited within the 7 days after the purchase.

3. For every one (1) e-raffle entry, P1.00 will be donated to Ripples Society 

4. To qualify for this promotion, eligible cardholders / CLiQQ App users must purchase any of the participating items: 7-Select, Bic, Selecta, and iWhite products from July 31 to August 20, 2019 at any 7-Eleven Store and have their CLiQQ Card or App Barcode scanned before payment to earn e-raffle entries and get a chance to win.

5. There will be three (3) raffle draws that will be witnessed by a DTI representative at Philippine Seven Corporation, 7th floor, The Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave., Mandaluyong City.

Cut Off Date: Time:               Draw Date: # Winners:
August 06, 2019 11:59 PM 1st Draw August 07, 2019 10
August 13, 2019 11:59 PM 2nd Draw August 14, 2019 15
August 21, 2019 11:59 PM 3rd Draw August 22, 2019 25
Winners Date of Concert: Venue: Time:
1st Draw Winners August 24, 2019   SM Mall of Asia Arena 6 PM – 9 PM
2nd Draw Winners
3rd Draw Winners August 31, 2019 Smart Araneta Coliseum 6 PM – 9 PM

6. Participants using multiple Every Day Rewards! Cardholders or CLiQQ app can only win once. In case the name is drawn more than once, the prize with the higher value will be rewarded.

7. Non winning entries shall be included in the succeeding draw. Only 1 VIP concert ticket per winner.

8. Promotion is open to all residents of the Philippines above 13 years of age except employees and family members of the Philippine Seven Corporation, Franchisees, Suppliers, and Agencies including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

9. Names drawn will be subject for verification by Philippine Seven Corporation. The list of verified winners will be released once the verification has been made.

10. Winners will be notified through telephone, courier, email and registered mail. Prize is transferable but not convertible to cash.

11. Philippine Seven Corporation has the right not to disclose the winners if security reasons permit.

12. To claim their prizes, winners must present the letter of notification from Philippine Seven Corporation together with two (2) valid IDs with pictures on it (eg. Passport, Driver’s License, SSS or GSIS ID, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, NBI Clearance or Company ID). Winners below 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent/guardian with valid I.D.s.

13. Winners can claim the ticket during the show dates. Tickets can be claimed at the ticket booth (Will Call Window) at SM Moa Arena on August 24 and the ticket booth at Smart Araneta Coliseum on August 31. Winners are requested to bring all necessary documents (2 valid Id’s and the confirmation letter) to be validated by the organizer.

14. Winners are requested to follow all safety procedures and guidelines of PULP facilitating the concert.

15. Prizes unclaimed after the concert date will be forfeited in favor of Philippine Seven Corporation with prior approval of DTI.

16. Philippine Seven Corporation reserves the right to suspend release of items or void any raffle entry should misrepresentation or fraud be proven. 

17. Only entry earned until August 06, 13, 21, 2019, 11:59 PM shall qualify for the draw.

18. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 12940 Series of 2019.

List of participating items:

7-Select Coreless 2ply 6s ₱35.00
7-Select Bathroom Tissue 2ply 12s ₱99.00
7-Select Handy Pack Tissue ₱10.00
7-Select Travel Pack Tissue ₱27.00
7-Select Tissue Singles 2Ply ₱19.00
7-Eleven 3 Fold Umbrella Assorted ₱199.00
7-eleven Two Fold Umbrella Assorted ₱220.00
7-Eleven Clear Umbrella 23 inches ₱125.00
7-Eleven Heart Shape Umbrella Red ₱349.00
7-Select Rainy Boots Men Clear ₱149.00
7-Select Rainy Boots Women Clear with Heart ₱149.00
7-Select Pocket Size Umbrella ₱209.00
7-Eleven Umbrella with Flashlight ₱369.00
7-Select Raincoat ₱99.00
7-Select 3Fold Auto Open Close Umbrella ₱289.00
7-Select Inverted Umbrella ₱449.00
7-Select Long Clear Umbrella 25 inches ₱189.00
7-Select Dome Clear Umbrella ₱159.00
7-Select Plastic Cup 8oz 6s ₱19.00
7-Select Plastic Cups 12oz 12s ₱39.00
7-Select Paper Cups 12oz 12s ₱39.00
7-Select Paper Plate 12s ₱45.00
7-Select Plastic Spoon 12s ₱29.00
7-Select Plastic Fork 12s ₱29.00
7-Select Plastic Spoon and Fork 6s ₱29.00
7-Select Plastic Spork 12s ₱29.00
7-Select Party Pack 5s ₱59.00
7-Select Purified Drinking Water 525ml ₱18.00
7-Select Distilled Drinking Water 525ml ₱20.00
7-Select PH9 Drinking Water 525ml ₱22.00
7-Select Original Caramel Popcorn 100g ₱59.00
7-Select White Cheddar Popcorn 115g ₱59.00
7-Select Salted Egg Popcorn 120g ₱59.00
7-Select Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Popcorn 110g ₱59.00
7-Select Honey Butter Popcorn 110g ₱59.00
7-Select Garlic Peanuts 100g ₱40.00
7-Select Spicy Peanuts 100g ₱40.00
7-Select Sung Sung Peanuts 75g ₱40.00
7-Select Pop Beans 90g ₱40.00
7-Select Anti Bacterial Wipes 10s ₱21.00
7-Select Anti Bacterial Wipes 25s ₱40.00
7-Select Cooling Wipes 25s ₱45.00
7-Eleven Battery AAA 4s ₱109.00
7-Eleven Battery AA 4s ₱109.00
7-Eleven Battery C 2s ₱129.00
7-Eleven Battery D 2s ₱159.00
7-Eleven Battery AA 8s ₱189.00
7-Eleven Battery AAA 8s ₱189.00
iWhite Nose Pack 3g ₱18.00
iWhite Whitening Pack 8g ₱22.00
iWhite Skin Whitening Aqua Moisturizing CreamScht ₱21.00
iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Facial CreamSachet 6ml ₱21.00
iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash 10ml ₱18.00
iWhite Korea Whitening Sleeping Cream Mask 6ml ₱25.00
Bic Lighter J5 Mini Sleeves ₱34.00
Bic Lighter J3 Sleeves ₱37.00
Bic Lighter XP2 Electronic ₱51.00
BIC Lighter J3 Slim Opaque ₱27.00
BIC Lighter J5 Mini Classic ₱26.00
Sel22001 Creations Cookies N Cream 3L ₱525.00
Selecta22011CreationsDoubleDutch3L ₱525.00
Selecta 22021 Creations Very Rocky Road 3L ₱525.00
Selecta22031CreationsCoffeeCrumble3.0L ₱525.00
Selecta 30451 Smooth&Creamy Super Chocolate 3L ₱525.00
Selecta 30461 Smooth & Creamy Vanilla 3L ₱525.00
Selecta 30471 Smooth&Creamy Ube Royale 3L ₱525.00
Selecta Double Dutch Very Rocky Road 3.0L ₱525.00
Selecta Cookies N Cream Coffe Crumble 3.0L ₱525.00
Selecta Quezo Real Buco Salad 3.0L ₱525.00
Sel Dbl Sup D Dutch/C Cream 3.0L ₱525.00
Sel Dbl Sup R Road/C Cream 3.0L ₱525.00
Sel Creations Pistachio & Cashew 1.9L HG ₱290.00
Selecta22045CreationsBucoSalad1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta 22005 Creations Cookies&Cream1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta22015CreationsDoubleDutch1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta22065 Creations Halo Halo 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta 22085 Creations Quezo REal 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta 22025 Creations Very Rocky Road 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta22095CreationsPistachio&Cashew1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta 22035 Creations Coffee Crumble 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta30445 Smooth&CreamyMango1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta 30455 Smooth&CreamySuperChocolate1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta 30465 Smooth n Creamy Vanilla 1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta30475Smooth&CreamyUbeRoyale1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta3N1+1SupremeUbeKesoStrawberryRockyRoad1.5L ₱211.00
Selecta3in1+1SupremChoMochStrawberryCookieNCrm1.5L ₱211.00
Selecta Cookies N Cream Coffee Crumble 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Quezo Real Buco Salad 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Double Dutch Very Rocky Road 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Hersheys Milk Almond 1.5L ₱320.00
Selecta Hersheys Reeses 1.5L ₱320.00
Selecta Hersheys Kisses 1.5L ₱320.00
Sel 3in1+1 Supreme Double Dutch 1.5L ₱211.00
Sel Dbl Sup D Dutch/C Cream 1.5L ₱290.00
Sel Dbl Sup R Road/C Cream 1.5L ₱290.00
Sel Classic Choco Vanilla Strwberry 1.5L ₱265.00
Sel 3n1 Choco Mango Ube 1.3L ₱157.00
Sel 3n1 Choco Keso Ube 1.3L ₱157.00
Selecta CoBrands Oreo Cookies & Cream 1.3L ₱320.00
Sel DSUP BP-UK 1.5L ₱290.00
Sel DSUP MC-UK 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Ube Keso 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Halo Halo 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Classic Chocohazelnut 1.5L ₱265.00
SelectaCobrandOreoStrawberryCookiesandCream1.5L ₱320.00
SelectaCobrandMrs.FieldsChewyFudgeCookie 1.5L ₱320.00
Selecta IH Sup Fruit Salad 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Sup Choc Almond Fudge 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Supreme Choco Toffee Crunch 1.5L ₱280.00
Selecta IH Supreme Mango Graham Cake1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Supreme Ube Pastillas 1.5L ₱290.00
SelectaIHDoubleSupremeMangoGraham/UbePastill1.5L ₱280.00
SelectaIHDoubleSupremeMangoGraham/ChocoToffe1.5L ₱280.00
Selecta 3-in-1+1CUK+Leche Flan1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta SUP UBE CAKE 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta DSUP CHB- SR 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta CO-B OREO COFALMCOOKIES 1.3L ₱320.00
SelectaCoBrandsHersheysMiniKissesSaltedCaramel1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta CLASSIC WHITE COFFEEE 1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta CLASSIC 2IN1 CHOCO+WHCOF1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta CLASSIC CHOCO+UBE 1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta SUP SANS RIVAL 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta 3+1 CMU+Keso Langka 1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta Classic Super Thick Dulce de Leche 1.5L ₱265.00
Selecta Classic Super Thick Dulce de Leche / Ube ₱265.00
Selecta Supreme Quezo Pastillas 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Choco Mallow Grahams 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Ube Lankasuy 1.5L ₱290.00
SelectaDoubleSupremeQuezoPastilliasSansRival1.5L ₱290.00
SelectaDSupQuezoPastillas/ChocoMallowGraham1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Mango Sans Rival 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Black FOrest 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Butterscotch Salted Caramel 1.5L ₱290.00
SelectaDSupMangoSansRivalnButterscotchSalteCar1.5L ₱290.00
SelectaCoBrandsHersheysMilk ChocowAlmonds 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta CoBrands Hersheys Reeses 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta CoBrands Oreo Cookies & Cream 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta IH CLSC MACAPUNO 1X1.3L ₱265.00
Selecta IH CLSC 2IN1 UBE+MAC 1X1.3L ₱265.00
Selecta IH BUCO PIE CON LECHE 1X1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH SAPIN SAPIN 1X1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IC CHOC CHIP COOKIE DOUGH 1X1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH BPCL ¿ CCC 1X1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH BPCL ¿ QR 1X1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta IH 3+1 CHOC-PAN-LF-UP 1X1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta IH 3+1 CHOC-MANG-ULF-BS 1X1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta Cobrand Heath Half Gallon 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta Cobrand Whoppers Half Gallon 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta Supreme Avocado Crumble Half Gallon 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Brazo De Mercedes Half Gallon 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Choco Mud Pie Half Gallon 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Avocado CrumbleBrazodeMercedes1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Yema Cake Con Quezo 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Triple Chocolate Cake 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Halo Halo 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta3plus1CookiesCreamChocoMallowsUbePandan1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta Double Supreme Pistach Double Dutch 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Hersheys Cookies and Cream 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta Hersheys Milk Chocolate 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta Supreme Pistachio and Cashew 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta Supreme Pistachio and Double Dutch 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Sup Ube Salted Egg 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Sup Choco Hazelnut 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Sup Buco Pandan 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta IH Classic Ube Macapuno 1.3L ₱265.00
Selecta Sup Tablea Choco 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Peach Mango Pie 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta Sup Avocado Buco 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta 3in1p1 Choc Pan Ube Mango Float 1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta 3in1p1 Buco Mango Ube Choco Brownie 1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta 3in1p1 Choc Keso Ube Buco Salad 1.5L ₱180.00
Selecta IH Sup Fruit Salad 750ml ₱140.00
Selecta Classic Avocado 1.3L ₱290.00
Selecta Chocolate Chip 1.5L ₱290.00
Selecta Hersheys Cookies and Choco 1.3L ₱320.00
Selecta 42026 Rocky Road/Coffee Crumble 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta 3in1 ChocoMangoUbe 1.0L ₱120.00
Selecta Double Dutch Very Rocky Road 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Cookies N Cream Coffee Crumble 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Quezo Real Buco Salad 750ml ₱160.00
Sel Coffee Almond Cookies Very Rocky Road 750ml ₱160.00
Sel Choco Almond Fudge Double Dutch 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Ube Royale 750ml ₱135.00
Selecta Super Chocolate 750ml ₱135.00
Sel Dbl Sup D Dutch/C Cream 750ml ₱160.00
Sel Dbl Sup R Road/C Cream 750ml ₱160.00
Sel 3n1 Choco Keso Ube 1.0L ₱120.00
Selecta Supreme Quezo Real 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Buco Salad 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Coffee Crumble 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Rocky Road 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Double Dutch 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Cookies & Cream 750ml ₱160.00
Sel DSUP BP-UK 750mL ₱160.00
Sel DSUP MC-UK 750mL ₱160.00
Selecta Sup Ube Keso 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta 3in1 Choco – Ube – Buco 1L ₱116.00
Selecta IH Sup Mais Quezo 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IHDoubleSupreme MaisQuezo/FruitSalad 750ml ₱160.00
SelectaIH DS CookiesNCream/ChocAlmondFudge750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IH Supreme Choco Toffee Crunch 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IH Supreme Mango Graham Cake 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IH Supreme Ube Pastillas 750ml ₱160.00
SelectaIHDoubleSupremeMangoGraham/UbePastill750ml ₱160.00
SelectaIHDoubleSupremeMangoGraham/ChocoToffe750ml ₱160.00
Selecta 3in1 Choco Ube Peanut 1L ₱120.00
Selecta SUP SANS RIVAL 750ML ₱160.00
Selecta DOUBLE SUP CHB- SR 750ML ₱140.00
Selecta CLASSIC 2IN1 CHOC+WHCOF 750ML ₱120.00
Selecta CLASSIC 2IN1 CHOCO+UBE 750ML ₱135.00
Selecta SUP UBE CAKE 750ML ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Quezo Pastillas 750mL ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Choco Mallow Grahams 750mL ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Ube Lankasuy 750mL ₱160.00
SelectaDoubleSupremeQuezoPastillas/SansRival750ml ₱160.00
SelectaDSupQuezoPastillas/ChocoMallowGraham750ml ₱160.00
SelectaClassicSuperThick DulcedeLeche / Ube750ml ₱135.00
Selecta Sup Mango Sans Rival 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Sup Black FOrest 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Sup Butterscotch Salted Caramel 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta DSup Mango Sans Rival & Butterscotch Salte ₱160.00
Selecta 2 in 1 Choco Ube 750ml ₱95.00
Selecta 2 in 1 Choco Keso 750ml ₱95.00
Selecta 3 in 1 Choco Ube Pandan 1L ₱120.00
Selecta IH CLSC 2IN1 UBE+MAC 1X750ML ₱135.00
Selecta IH BUCO PIE CON LECHE 1X750ML ₱160.00
Selecta IH SAPIN SAPIN 1X750ML ₱160.00
Selecta IH Choco Chip Cookie Dough Liter Tub 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IH BPCL ¿ CCC 1X750ML ₱160.00
Selecta IH BPCL – QR 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Avocado Crumble Tub 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Brazo De Mercedes Tub 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Choco Mud Pie Tub 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme AvocadoCrumbleBrazodeMercedes750ml ₱160.00
Selecta 3in1 Choco Mango Float Buco Tub 1L ₱120.00
Selecta Supreme Yema Cake Con Quezo 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Triple Chocoate Cake 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Halo Halo 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Double Supreme Pistachio Double Dutch750ml ₱160.00
Selecta Supreme Pistachio and Cashew 750ml ₱160.00
Selecta IH Sup Ube Salted Egg 750ml ₱150.00
Selecta IH Sup Choco Hazelnut 750ml ₱150.00
Selecta IH Sup Buco Pandan 750ml ₱150.00
Selecta IH 3n1 Choco Cookie Mocha Ube 1L ₱120.00
Selecta 3in1 Chocnut Ube Pandan 1L ₱120.00
Cornetto Mango Tango 110ml ₱25.00
Selecta 70341 Cornetto Classic Cone Choco 105ml ₱25.00
Sel 70361 Cornetto Cone Vanilla 105ml ₱25.00
Selecta Cornetto Nutty Vanilla 110ml ₱25.00
Selecta Cornetto Choco Java 105ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Pooh Chocolate Disc 120ML ₱35.00
Selecta Cornetto Choco Caramello 110ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Ooh Ubebe 110ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Ooh Buco Pandan 110ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Tirasmissyou 110mL ₱25.00
Cornetto Disc Caramel Shake 120Ml ₱35.00
Selecta Cornetto Cookie and Dream 110ml ₱25.00
Selecta Cornetto Disk Red Velvet 120ml ₱35.00
Selecta Cornetto Rocky Road 110ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Pooh Halo Halo 110ml ₱25.00
Cornetto Disc Nutty Chocolate 115ml ₱30.00
Cornetto Disc White Choco n Cookies n Cream 115ml ₱30.00
Cornetto Disc Matcha Cookie 115ml ₱30.00
Cornetto Pooh Ube Keso 110ml ₱25.00
Selecta Magnum Hazelnut Luxe 80ml ₱66.00
Selecta Magnum Bar Classic 90ml ₱60.00
Selecta Magnum Bar Almond 90ml ₱60.00
Selecta Magnum Gold 90mL ₱66.00
Magnum Mini Classic Almond Brownie 6s ₱220.00
Magnum Mini Almond 6s ₱220.00
Selecta Magnum Mini Classic & Honeycomb 6s ₱220.00
Magnum White Almond 80ML ₱60.00
Magnum Infinity Raspberry 24X80ml ₱66.00
Magnum Infinity Caramel 24X90ml ₱66.00
Magnum Mini Classic Choco & White Almond 6x45ml ₱220.00
Magnum Macadamia 80ml ₱66.00
Selecta 60911 Pinipig Vanilla Ice cReam Bar 60ml ₱18.00
Selecta Buco Salad Ice Cream Stick 60ml ₱13.00
Selecta 61043 Ice Cream Stick-Double Dutch 60ml ₱13.00
Selecta 61044 Ice Cream Stick-Quezo Real 60ml ₱13.00
Selecta 61045 Cream Stick-CookiesNCream60ml ₱13.00
Selecta 61046 Ice Cream Stick-Very Rocky Road 60ml ₱13.00
Selecta Paddle Pop Rainbow Power 60mL ₱16.00
Selecta Ooh Pinipig Vanilla 60ml ₱19.00
Selecta Ooh Pinipig Chocolate 60ml ₱19.00
Selecta Ooh Pinipig Ube 65ml ₱19.00
Selecta Ooh Pinipig Keso 65ml ₱19.00
Selecta Ooh ICS Mango Float 70ml ₱13.00
Selecta STICK SANS RIVAL 70ML ₱13.00
Selecta Buco Delights Ube ₱19.00
Selecta Choco Mallow Grahams Stick ₱13.00
Selecta Buco Delights Leche Flan 65ml ₱19.00
Selecta ICS Butterscotch 70ml ₱13.00
Selecta ICS POOH BUCO PIE 18X70ML ₱13.00
Selecta Paddle Pop Water Melon Popsicle 58ml ₱19.00
Selecta Paddle Pop Dragon Pop Popsicle 47ml ₱19.00
Selecta Paddle Pop Twister Popsocle 60ml ₱23.00
Walls Solero Split Lime 64ml ₱20.00
Walls Solero Split Mango 64ml ₱20.00
Selecta Ice Cream Stick – Cookies & Cream 70ml ₱13.00
Selecta Ice Cream Stick – Very Rocky Road 70ml ₱13.00
Twinkee Bear Cones 70g ₱33.00
Selecta Feastwich Sandwich 120ml ₱44.00
Selecta Hersheys Milk Almond 800ml ₱238.00
Selecta Hersheys Reeses 800ml ₱238.00
Selecta Hersheys Kisses 800ml ₱238.00
Selecta Hersheys Chocolate 800ml ₱238.00
Selecta Pint Double Dutch 475L ₱115.00
Selecta Pint Coffee Crumble 475L ₱115.00
Selecta Pint Rocky Road 475L ₱115.00
Selecta Pint Pistachio & Cashew 475L ₱115.00
Selecta Pint Cookies & Cream 475L ₱115.00
Selecta CoBrands Oreo Cookies & Cream 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta CoBrands Hersheys Milk Choco w/Almonds 47 ₱175.00
SelectaCoBrandsHersheysMiniKisssSaltedCaramel475ml ₱175.00
Selecta CoBrands Hersheys Reeses 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta CoBrands HersheysMilkChocow/Almonds90ml ₱238.00
Selecta CoBrands Hersheys Reeses 900ml ₱238.00
SelectaCoBrandsHersheysMiniKissesSaltedCara900ml ₱238.00
Selecta CoBrands Oreo Cookies & Cream 900ml ₱238.00
Selecta Carte Dor Chocolate Hazelnut Tubs 475ml ₱390.00
Selecta Carte Dor Salted Caramel Tubs 475ml ₱360.00
Selecta Carte Dor Dark Chocolate Tubs 475ml ₱360.00
Selecta Carte Dor Pistacho Tubs 475ml ₱390.00
Selecta Carte Dor Hazel Nut Tubs 800ml ₱525.00
Selecta Carte Dor Double Dark Chocolate Tubs 800ml ₱505.00
Selecta Carte Dor Salted Caramel Tubs 800ml ₱505.00
Selecta Cobrand Heath Pint 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta Cobrand Whoppers Pint 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta Supreme Quezo Real 475ml ₱115.00
Selecta Supreme Buco Salad 475ml ₱115.00
Selecta Hersheys Cookies and Cream 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta Hersheys Cookies And Choco 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta Hersheys Milk Chocolate 475ml ₱175.00
Selecta Baso Pack Chocolate 400ml ₱60.00
Selecta Baso Pack Keso 400ml ₱60.00
Selecta Baso Pack Ube 400ml ₱60.00
Selecta Sup Tablea Choco 475ml ₱120.00
Selecta Sup Peach Mango Pie 475ml ₱120.00
Selecta Sup Avocado Buco 475ml ₱120.00
Selecta Supreme Ube Keso 475ml ₱115.00
Selecta Supreme Mango Graham Sauce 475ml ₱115.00
Selecta Supreme Black Forest 475ml ₱115.00
Selecta Classic Vanilla Pint 475ml ₱105.00
Stylex Styling Gel 50g ₱24.00
Stylex Hair Polish 50ml ₱39.00
Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat Heat Protect 15ml ₱63.00
Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat Instant Relax 15ml ₱63.00
Vitress Hair Freshener 50ml ₱69.00
Maxi-Peel Exfoliant No. 3 ₱51.00
Skin White Lotion Classic spf10 50ml ₱47.00
Flawlessly U Papaya+Calamansi Soap 90g ₱40.00
Skin White HBL Power Whitening SPF20 50ml ₱88.00
Maxi Peel Zero 50ml ₱95.00
Hygienix Germicidal Pure Defense Soap 125g ₱37.00
Hygienix Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray 55ml ₱48.00
Hygienix Ethyl Alcohol 65% Solution 150ml ₱36.00
Hygienix Handspray 20ml ₱32.00
Hygienix Hand Sanitizer 55ml ₱37.00
Bench b2O Body Spray 75ml ₱104.00
Bench So In Love 100ml ₱140.00
Bench I Rock Body Spray 100ml ₱140.00
Herbench Tickled Pink Deo Body Spray 100ml ₱140.00
Bench Bratsplash Cologne Strawberry Shake ₱149.00
Bench Body Spray Atlantis 75ml. ₱104.00
Bench Body Spray Eight 75ml. ₱104.00
Bench Fix Clay DOH 25g ₱55.00
Bench Fix Hairlastic 25g ₱55.00
Bench Fix Clay Doh Lite 25g ₱65.00
Bench Fix Clay Doh 80g ₱120.00
Baby Bench Cologne Bubble Gum 50ml ₱42.00
Bench Alcogel Wipes 30s ₱60.00