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Every Day Combos

Promo Duration: May 18 to June 28, 2022

Mechanics: Choose your Drink and Food combo and save up to P15!

Participating Food Items:

Participating Drink Items:

1pc Crunch Time Chicken Zesto Rootbeer Pet 500ml
PRM Busog Meal Sisig Zesto Calamansi Soda Pet 500ml
PRM Busog Meal Giniling Zesto Dalandan Soda Pet 500ml
PRM Busog Meal Bopis Bo’s Coffee Mocha 240ml
PRM Busog Chicken Sisig Bo’s Coffee Macchiato 240ml
PRM Busog Tuna Omelette Bo’s Coffee Latte 240ml
RME Bacon and Egg Dutch Maid Chocolate Milk 240ml
RME Tocilog Zest O Orange Big 250ml
7 Fresh Ube Cheese Pandesal Zest O Apple Big 250ml
7-Fresh Ube Cream Cheese Pandesal Zest O Mango Big 250ml
7-Fresh Bacon and Cheese Pandesal Zest-O Choc-O Chocolate Milk Drink 250ml
7-Fresh Corned Beef
7-Fresh Cheesy Luncheon Meat
7-Fresh Bun Chicken Ala King
Cadbury Shots 39.6g