7-Eleven Philippines

Corporate Governance Committee

Jose T. Pardo
Chairman of the Board and the Corporate Governance Committee

Antonio Jose U. Periquet, Jr.
Member and Independent Director

Michael B. Zalamea
Member and Independent Director

Jose Victor P. Paterno

Atty. Evelyn S. Enriquez
Non-Voting Member

*As of July 28, 2022, PSC Organizational BOD Meeting

Procedure on Nomination

1. A stockholder may recommend the nomination of a director to the Corporate Governance Committee;
2. The nominating stockholder shall submit his proposed nomination in writing to the Corporate Governance Committee, together with the acceptance and conformity of the would-be nominee;
3. The Corporate Governance Committee shall screen the nominations of directors in accordance with existing laws and regulations and Corporation policies prior to the stockholders’ meeting and come up with the Final List of Candidates;
4. Only nominees whose names appear in the Final List of Candidates shall be eligible for election as Director and Independent Director.

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