7-Eleven Philippines

Employee Welfare Programs

In 7-Eleven, we highly value our employees. To further motivate the members of our organization we provide:


To further promote employees’ excellence, productivity as well as growth, top performing Employees of the Year are chosen and recognized annually. We also put high regard to the service and loyalty of our employees that each year, awards are given to those who have been servicing the company for a number of years.



We have a number of socialization events that promote camaraderie among employees such as Friday Morning Rituals, Family and Foundation Day, Christmas Party to name a few.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-12-36-59-pmCommunication Channel:

To strengthen the importance of communication among the employees and management, we have established a strong partnership with Employees Council. They conduct an annual reach-out to sincerely communicate management plans.