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Philippine Seven Corporation (SEVN) common shares are listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) since February 4, 1998.

7-Eleven operator aims to grow stores by 25% despite new competitors

Philippine Seven Corp., the local franchise holder of 7-Eleven convenience stores, aims to grow the number of company owned and franchised shops by 25 percent a year, and double the count in three years.

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2014 General Information Sheet

PSC  Articles of Incorporation
PSC By-Laws

PSC 2014 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting                    

          Notice, Agenda and Proxy Form of Annual Stockholders' Meeting, July 22,2014 
          Minutes of Annual Stockholders' Meeting, July 22, 2014
Latest Reports
          Advisement Letter to SEC re: CG Training of Director - MCC, November 27, 2014
          2014 Amended General Information Sheet
          Change in Directors and or Officers, November 21, 2014
          2014 3rd Quarter Report
          Results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2014
          Public Ownership Report as of Sept. 30, 2014
          PSC Investor Relations Materials
          SEC Form 23-B Vicente T. Paterno - October 1, 2014
          Change in Shareholdings of Directors and Principal Officers - Vicente T. Paterno, September 8, 2014
          2014 General Information Sheet
          2014 2nd Quarter Report
          Certification of Qualification of Independent Director, Antonio Jose U. Periquet, August 8, 2014
          Certification of Qualification of Independent Director, Michael B. Zalamea, August 8, 2014
          Appoinment of Vice Presidents, August 8, 2014
          Revised Corporate Governance Manual, July 31, 2014
          Consolidated Changes in the ACGR for 2013      
          Advisement Letter to SEC re: CG Training of BOD and Key Officers, July 28, 2014
          Election of Corporate Officers, July 23, 2014
          Annual Stockholders' Meeting Disclosure, July 22, 2014
          Press Release on Results for the second quarter and first half ended June 30, 2014         
          Public Ownership Report as of June 30, 2014
          Top 100 Stockholders as of June 30, 2014
          Amended SEC Form 17-C re: Cash Dividend Declaration, May 29,2014
          Board Approval on Cash Dividend Declaration, Annual Stockholder's meeting Date and 
          Setting of Record Date and Amendment of Articles of Incorporation, April 25, 2014
          2013 Definitive Information Statement
          Certificate of Attendance of Director to Corporate Governance Training, May 14, 2014
          2014 1st Quarter Report
          2013 Annual Report        
          Press Release on PSC 2013 Full Year Earnings, March 19, 2014
          Disclosure Template for Corporate Governance of Listed Companies, Mar. 17, 2014
News Room
         7-Eleven operator aims to grow stores by 25% despite new competitors
         7Eleven Philippines sets aggressive expansion amid entry of new players
          2013 CEO Excel Awards Held
          Paterno gets RVR Award for nation building
          7-eleven to expand network to 1300
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          7-Eleven Operator Nets P60.17 Million
          7-Eleven's New Investor
          7-Eleven Operator to Spend P1.5 Billion  
          Local 7-Eleven Licensee aims to sustain first-half growth -Business World Online




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