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Current Reports

        Appoinment of Vice Presidents, August 8, 2014

        Consolidated Changes in the ACGR for 2013         

        Advisement Letter to SEC re: CG Training of BOD and Key Officers, July 28, 2014

        Election of Corporate Officers, July 23, 2014

         Annual Stockholders' Meeting Disclosure, July 22, 2014

         Press Release on Results for the second quarter and first half ended June 30, 2014,
         July 18, 2014

          Amended SEC Form 17-C re: Cash Dividend Declaration, May 29,2014

          Board Approval on Cash Dividend Declaration, Annual Stockholder's meeting Date and 
          Setting of Record Date and Amendment of Articles of Incorporation, April 25, 2014
          Press Release on PSC 2013 Full Year Earnings March 19, 2014
          Annual Stockholders' Meeting Disclosure July 18, 2013

          Election of Corporate Officers July 18, 2013

          Dividend Declaration July 18, 2013

          Annual Meeting Date and Record Date Disclosure April 18, 2013    
          Election of Directors or Officers, Nov. 13, 2012

          Resignation of Directors or Officers, Nov. 13, 2012        

          Record Date and Payment Date for Stock Dividend Disclosure Nov. 7, 2012

          Board Approval of Increase of Authorized Capital Stock and 
          Stock and Cash Dividend July 24, 2012

          Annual Stockholders' Meeting Disclosure July 24, 2012

          Election of Corporate Officers July 24, 2012

          Cash Dividend Declaration July 24, 2012

          Annual Meeting Date and Record Date Disclosure May 17, 2012

          Financial Briefing Nov. 24, 2011

          Update on Shareholdings of Directors and Corporate Officers 2011- Sep. 24, 2011

          Cash Dividend July 21, 2011

          Annual Meeting Date and Record Date Disclosure April 7, 2011

          Disclosure BDO-STA Appointment March 28, 2011

          Disclosure BPI-STA Termination March 28, 2011

          Approval of 2009 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements March 1, 2010


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