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Mr. Waldo Abad Santos
When I was still at corporate, I had the privilege to work with the best. And so when I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue my aspiration to become an entrepreneur, it was a no-brainer who I would work with. But after attending the 7-Eleven franchise briefing at a franchising trade show, I didn’t bother to look elsewhere.
Let us just say this is how confident and committed I am with PSC:  I now own three (3) outlets --- and I only started in July of 2007!  My partnership with PSC will provide for my family’s comfort, my children’s education, employment, help for the less fortunate and our needs when we reach our golden years, among many others. Who can argue with a brand name that is one of the most known and respected globally? I rest my case.

Ms. Jocelyn Degala  
My family and I chose to open a 7-Eleven store because it is known to be one of the most recognizable convenience retail businesses around the world. When my family and I met with the franchise specialist to discuss what the benefits and advantages would be in opening our own branch, we were automatically convinced that opening our own store would be the right decision.

The advantages in opening a 7-Eleven were the obviously recognizable name, the popular products such as Slurpee and hotdogs, 24-hour daily operation, and the outstanding help from the 7-Eleven management team.  We actually did not expect our store to be so successful in less than a year. We cannot thank the 7-Eleven management team enough for all their support, encouragement, faith and great help. Also, most importantly, we wouldn’t be as successful without the exceptional service from our highly-trained and outstanding employees.

Mr. Rhoneil S. Sta. Maria
I actually started as Store Clerk of 7-Eleven, but, through hard work and perseverance, I became a Store Manager in 1997. When I first heard of the Service Agreement Program in 2003, I immediately became interested, especially when I found out that most of my friends or co-employees were already part of the program. 
There are three things that I believe made my partnership with 7-Eleven successful:
            First, there was almost no adjustment period. I just had to apply the practices that I had as a Store Manager to make business more profitable for both the company and myself.
            Second, I was able to give jobs to my siblings and shared my blessings with the rest of my family. It became an instrument to help improve my life and my entire family as well.
            Last but not the least, all this was part of God’s plan in my life and I recognize that He’s the source of what I have now. I know with our great partnership, our business will even grow better.

Mr. Vinzent Querol
The idea to make a wise investment came when we learned about 7-Eleven’s franchise business through our friends. Deciding to finally become part of the franchise system wasn’t hard for us since my wife and I knew that 7-Eleven is a global, multinational brand with modern systems and an outstanding business track record.

We had our first outlet in Angeles City in 2004. It was the first franchise store outside of company-owned stores in the vicinity. Our first months in operations were definitely not a honeymoon period, since we were among the first franchise store owners. But, after a laborious span of 36 months, it was sweet success for us and everyone involved with the store’s operations --- we were able to receive our ROI! We find fulfillment everyday knowing that we have satisfied our customers with each transaction. It is a rewarding reality for us to experience the joy of giving convenience to others, either through our products, services or providing jobs. With all this said, we are proud to say that we already own a total of five (5) 7-Eleven outlets.


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