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7-Eleven Philippines
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1.) How can I file a complaint regarding stores?

Ans: Directly go to our store personnel and air your complaints. You can also fill up the complaint form at the Contact Us page of this site and send it to us. Alternatively, you can call 7241031 Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm or our mobile hotline 0917-750-2757 anytime, any day.


2.) How do I air my suggestions and ideas about 7-Eleven?

Ans:  Directly go to our store personnel and air your suggestions and ideas or simply drop it in the suggestion boxes located in all our stores. You can also fill up the complaint form at the Contact Us page of this site and send it to us.


3.)  Where do I get a listing of 7-Eleven stores in my area?

       Ans:  Visit http://www.7-eleven.com.ph/ and use store locator to search for listing of stores.


4.) Who do I call for 7-Eleven employment opportunities and verification?

Ans:  Call our HR Helpdesk at numbers 7055270 or 7055264-69 or visit the career page of http://www.7-eleven.com.ph/.


5.) Who do I call if I have questions about the 7-Eleven franchise package?

Ans:  Call 726-9968 or 705-5309 or email franchising@7-eleven.com.ph.


6.) Who do I call if I have inquiries for leasing space in 7-Eleven stores?

Ans: Call 7055214 or e-mail eazuela@7-eleven.com.ph or mtestacio@7-eleven.com.ph.


7.) What are the proprietary products that carry the 7-Eleven trademark?

      Ans:  Slurpee, Super Big Bite, Big Gulp, Hot Cup, and Quick Bites


8.) What number do I call for media relations?

       Ans:  Call 7055341 or e-mail ctvalmonte@7-eleven.com.ph.


9.) What is the address to the 7-Eleven Corporate headquarters?

      Ans:   7th Floor, Columbia Tower, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Philippines  


10.) What is the trunk line of 7-Eleven Corporate headquarters?

      Ans:  Call 7055200.



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